Storage facilities & rentals

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Our terminals offer various services, including storage and transshipment of dangerous goods / goods, cleaning tank containers, empty depot and connection to reefer connections. 
Open Air Storage Facility

Open Air Storage Facility

The Traymore property contains an exclusive storage only open area of approximately 19ha.
Warehouse Storage Facility

Warehouse Storage Facility

The Moengo Port has a warehouse storage of approximately 1500 m2 for heavy equipment, breakbulk and chemicals.
tank farm

Tank farm

Traymore Moengo Port owns a certified tank farm for fuel storage including wharfage and fuel station. The tank farm contains;1 x 30000 bbls tank;2 x 5000 bbls tanks, With bollard mourning facility and a vessel turning point....


Addition to the operational field services Traymore offers, the port offers workspaces for customs and administration purposes and appartements for rent.
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