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Moengo Port History

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The Moengo Port is located in district Marowijne, alongside the Cottica river. 

For more than 30 years, Moengo has been the center of mining activities performed by then owner, Suralco. The Moengo Port has played an important role in this part of Suriname’s history as it was known as Suriname’s liveliest Port for longer than 10 years, exporting one of the country’s valuable commodities, Bauxite. This created endless developments for the district.

As the years went by, Suralco decided to move their operations to the Coermotibo river; leaving the Port non-operational. 
In April 2004, the current owner of Traymore Moengo Port saw a business opportunity that could benefit Suriname in the future and proceeded with the purchase of this port.

Besides the commercial beneficiaries of this ownership, the rehabilitation and re-activation of the Moengo Port, would be able to provide an economic boost for Moengo and Suriname in general. Creating more opportunities internationally, proving the capabilities within South American borders and strengthening the relationship with the Caribbean and specifically the Guyana’s

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