Frequently asked questions

What is the size of the storage shed?

The storage unit is 85 meters long and 25 meters wide.

What is your fuel storage capacity in metrics tons?

The certified tankfarm has a storage capacity of 1x 30.000 barrels & 2x 5.000 barrels
Total storage capacity  is 40.000 barrels.

What is your harbor’s draft?

The main harbor draft is 4.7 meters at low tide (Chart Datum)
The average water level rise is 1.8 meters above Chart Datum at high tide.
The main harbor draft at average High tide is 5.9 meters.
The New Harbor draft is 5.4 meters at low tide (Chart Datum) and at high tide 6.1 meters.

What is your river’s draft at low tide and high tide?

The river draft at low tide (Chart Datum) is 2.6 meters.

The average water level rise is 2.5 meters above Chart Datum at high tide.
The river draft at average High tide is 17 foot is 5.18 meters. During spring tide the river draft can increase due to the increase of the water level (refer to Tide Table of the Maritime of Suriname).

What is your harbors cranes capacity?

The crane capacity will be between 150 and 300 ton we are on speaking terms with several crane suppliers.

Which stevedoring equipment is available?

The stevedoring equipment which is available on the Port is a Terex super stacker capacity 45 tons, we also have several forklift trucks with a capacity of 5 to 10 tons and trucks with trailer for 20″, 40″ and 45″ft containers. There are also empty containers on the Port available for storage of loose goods.Cables and wires, stevedoring gear are also present.

Which rates do you use for the stevedoring equipment?

Mail us with the request for the break bulk equipment and/or the 20, 40 and 45 ft. containers and we’ll sent you an e-mail with the rates we are using.

In past decades, only pilots experienced in piloting on the Cottica river would pilot motor vessels with a maximum length of 164 meters with the use of a tugboat.
Going upstream, the tugboat was attached with a towing wire as far as Koopmanskreek, and would provide assistance up to Moengo.

Which types of vessels are eligible to visit our port?

1. Doubles propeller with parallel propeller shafts and out turning propellers with fixed propeller blades (so-called out turning propeller)
2. Equipped with a double rudder in line with the propeller shafts
3. Equipped with a bow propeller, if possible
4. L.o.a (length overall) 120 meter maximum

1. Same as stated in A1 and A4
2. Equipped with a single rudder
3. Equipped with a bow propeller

1. Single propeller, being a propeller with adjustable pitch (so-called pitch propeller)
2. Equipped with a powerful bow propeller
3. Equipped with a single rudder
4. L.o.a up to 100 meter maximum

1. Same as under C2 and C3;
2. Single propeller, being a standard propeller
3. L.o.a 90 meter maximum

Other conditions:
1. Sufficient engine power to be able to do 10 knots Equipped with an electric-hydraulic steering mechanism
2. Equipped with efficient means of communication such as VHF radio
3. Equipped with bright beaming searchlight
4. The bridge should be situated at the the stern of the vessel
5. There should be a good view over both boards (with respect to loading and unloading equipment such as cranes over one of the gangways). The bridge should be high enough so as not to have the front view blocked in the event of steering trouble
6. Having proper maneuverability.

Vessels with an l.o.a. of 60 meter can be equipped with a single propeller and rubber, but must meet the conditions laid down under 1 – 6

Which other information can you provide about the facility?

The Port is central situated in the East part of Suriname. The distance from the border with French Guyana is 40 kilometers.
We have an in- and outdoor storage facility and there are custom facilities on the Port.
We have internet facility on the Port and there is a CCTV camera system on the whole premises.
We can arrange fresh food and drinks for the shipmembers.

The Clinic is approx. a 10 minutes drive from the Moengo Port, and is located at the Lijnweg # 73 at Moengo.
The Police station is approx. 15 minutes drive from the Moengo Port,  and is located at the Abraham Crijnsenlaan # 01