Moengo Port is a private port in the district Marowijne, Suriname. The port 100% owned by Traymore N.V Moengo Port was officially opened on April 19, 2008 and is ISO-9001 certified port with also the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)

Traymore N.V. is the owner and landlord of 21 ha compound in the east part of the Republic of Suriname surrounding the Moengo Port.

Traymore N.V. is leasing out  facilities for cargo and container handling.

For shipping and cargo handling contact Prosur shipping.
Prosur shipping contact info:
Tel: +597 422 441
Fax: +597 471 830

The Managing Director of Traymore N.V. is Mr E. Profijt.
The President of the Supervisor Board is Mr R. Kensenhuis.

Since the reopening on April 19 2008 of Moengo Port, actions are taken to transform this former bauxite port into a general port operation. The former bauxite port offers a lot of possibilities thereto. It currently has the only privately owned tank farm in Suriname and is strategically located with respect to neighboring countries.

So the Port can expect to play an important role in the distribution, export and transshipment of petroleum products and other dry commodities.

The Moengo Port has a tank farm, with one tank of 30,000 barrels and two of 5,000 barrels each.