Moengo is a small village near the Cottica river. For at least 3 decades Moengo was the center of the mining activities of Suralco, who constructed the Moengo Port for the export of bauxite and the import of industrial materials and other goods.

In 2004, Traymore N.V. bought the Moengo Port and it was rehabilitated and ISO-9001 certified to facilitate current and future activities to connect South America &the Caribbean to the world.


Moengo Port is situated alongside the Cottica-river, which is the deepest river in Suriname. To go to the Cottica river  you have to pass the Commewijne River. The day to day tidal information is published in the annual tide tables of the Maritime Authority of Suriname (MAS).

The Moengo Port has a compound of 21 ha, situated in a strategic location towards the neighboring French Guyana; it takes about half an hour to reach ST. Laurent du Maroni.


Moengo Port is accessible for large vessels by the Cottica river which is and will be surveyed by de MAS.


To increase the accessibility of the Commewijne River the MAS is frequently dredging the entrance for the draft of the vessel coming to and from Moengo.